“EFA-X has made a significant difference in my horses”   Kimberly Herslow – 2015 Pan-Am Team Dressage Gold Medalist
“Fast results, top performance and a winning pair is the key reason why we use EFA-X”   Mclain Ward – Multiple Olympic Gold medalist, Showjumping
“EFA-X was a crucial part of his nutritional plan leading up to and during his 4**** Rolex performance”   Jennifer McFall and Hightimes, Eventing

fax fit feed supplement
Bio-Available Feed Concentrate

Essential Fatty Acids

 • Rapid build up of weight and muscle

 • Increased Stamina and performance

 • Aids in muscle recovery time

 • Shinier coat and better wellbeing

 • Hugely positive physical and mental impact for metabolic and Cushing’s horses


Benefits of Equsani EFA-X™

EFA-X™ is a unique easily digestible, vegetable based fatty acid feed concentrate for horses. The proprietary process enables today’s sport and leisure horse to get the crucial fatty acids they need to perform to they’re fullest and live a healthy life.

EFA-X™ self-emulsification in the Stomach and small intestine, ensure a quick Cross-Membrane process into the blood stream for an effortless utilization and readily bio-available fatty acids, which ensures exceptionally high nutritional value, even for the most sensitive horse. Over twice the instant available Mcal than other  weight building and performance enhancing products.

EFA-X™ contains no genetically modified raw materials, no chemical-based compounds, no artificial additives and there is no presence of any known allergens.
EFA-X™ does not conflict with any current FEI or USEF regulations.

Equine Digestive System

Equine Digestive System

Your horse relies on a constant amount of bile (They have no gall bladder) and a slow moving digestive system to utilize the important fatty acids. This often creates a problem due to the way horses are exercised and fed today and can result in:
Stress on digestive system (Ulcers), problems keeping weight and a healthy coat, muscle Fatigue from extended exercise (Which can indirectly result in injuries), limited production of ligament fluids and other important functions.

Technical Data and Feeding Directions

Equsani EFA-X™ is derived from plant oil and has gone through a proprietary process to accomplish the unique self emulsifying quality.

Feeding directions:
Mix daily with regular feed ration. 3.5oz feed scoop included.
Horses regular work: 1-2 scoops per day (3.5-7oz)
Increased workload: 2-4 scoops per day (7-14oz)
If feeding a loading dose it is recommended to decrease dose to daily recommended dose when results are noticed (Normally 1-2 weeks).
Senior horse: 1-2 scoops per day (3.5-7oz).
Ponies/Small horse: 1-2 scoops per day (3.5-7oz).

EFA-X is a horse feed concentrate for use with horses only.
Does not conflict with any FEI or USEF regulations.
Does not contain any genetically modified raw materials
Dosages to be fed in accordance with the need of the horse.
EFA-X is not a drug and you should contact your veterinarian if in doubt of the health of your horse.
It is advised that the product is stored under dry and cool (below 80F) conditions.
Shelf life is 24 months from production date.

Energy: 1oz contains 0.24 Mcal digestible energy.
Derived from 100% Human Grade Plant Oil.
Color: White
Carry no smell or taste.
Texture: Granulated powder form.
Vegetable fat min 99%
Water Max 1%
No presence of any allergens
Contains no chemical-based compounds or artificial additives