"In endurance digestibility is everything, our horses does not shut down when fed EFA-X."

-Lisa Jordan and Pam Baile – Tevis Cup Riders

"I have been using EFA-X for quite a while now, and I am so happy with the product. His coat is shinier and he has gained weight."

-Mary Reichman and 27 yr. old Fuego – Leisure Rider

“EFA-X was a crucial part of his nutritional plan leading up to and during his 4**** Rolex performance.”

-Jennifer McFall and Hightimes – Eventing

“Fast results, top performance, and a winning pair is the key reason why we use EFA-X.”

-Mclain Ward – Multiple Olympic Gold medalist, Showjumping

“EFA-X has made a significant difference in my horses.”

-Kimberly Herslow – 2015 Pan-Am Team Dressage Gold Medalist