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After spending eighteen months struggling to put weight on my endurance mare, I feared she would not be able to continue in the sport. Any gains I made in putting weight on were immediately lost during conditioning rides to get her fit. When another endurance rider recommended Efa-x, I assumed it was like the many, many other weight gainers I had tried that my picky-eater simply would not touch. Yet this product has no taste and I was amazed when she gobbled it up along with her mash. After only two weeks, her weight and muscle definition improved drastically. After only three weeks, her stamina was so improved she took second place in a 25-mile Endurance LD (one minute behind the leader) and was awarded Best Condition.

before EFA-X

Before EFA-X

after 2 weeks EFA-X

After EFA-X (2 Weeks)

With this product in our arsenal, I have high hopes for the Endurance season and her future in this sport. Thank you Equsani for such an amazing product!

Jenna Towner
AERC #M41346

Nevada Derby-1-2” The sport of endurance riding is both exhilarating and grueling. The long miles and tough terrain bring out all issues with horse and rider fitness, tack, conditioning, and very critically, feeding and supplements. What might not be noticed in a one-hour arena ride can become a serious or even life-threatening issue on the endurance trail, especially for those of us who ride competitively. I make it my top priority to bring my horses through rides well within their physical limits, and as a result, I’ve been trusted to ride a number of lovely horses for other owners.

I keep my own horses at home so that I can manage every aspect of their daily care and be alert to the subtlest changes in their health or condition. My job as a professional saddle fitter with knowledge in equine body work requires that I continue to study equine physiology for application in the field. I consider myself a tough evaluator, but when I find a product or technique that works, I stick with it!

In early 2013 I was asked to ride a well bred 14 year old endurance horse who had done endurance since 2005, but had never been raced (placed in 1/4 to mid pack). I set a goal of increasing his fitness with the intent of increasing his placings in competition. Immediately I put “Samskrit” (Sammy) onto the regimen I use for all my horses, regardless of their discipline, which consistently addresses:




– Teeth
– Hoof care
– Body work
– 24/7 availability of good quality hay
– Supplements tailored to the individual horse
– Ongoing saddle and tack fit check
– Scientific conditioning program including cross training

While I was successful in bringing Sammy onto my program, it was very hard to keep weight on him. I tried two different products highly recommended by top endurance riders. After two weeks of feeding each product separately, I noticed no difference in weight, but did notice that Sammy was less enthused about eating his “mash” due to taste, texture or both. After searching again, a successful endurance rider told me about Efa-X. Within two weeks I noticed a difference in muscle definition, weight gain and coat shine. At one point I ran out of Efa-X for 10 days. The change in coat and muscle definition was so obvious that my husband noticed!

IMG_0473I haven’t gone a day since without adding Efa-X to Sammy’s feed. During the competition season, I feed 8 oz/day, and during the off season, I feed 4 oz/day. Efa-X has no taste and is a fine powder that quickly dissolves in a wet mash. Sammy doesn’t seem to notice it at all.

Oh and our results? Since taking Sammy and altering his program he’s done eight AERC rides of 50+ miles with six top ten completions including one win and Best Condition award and the season isn’t over yet…”

Lisa Jordan
AERC #8695



Karlee Wesney#1 in California for WPRA Jr and 10th in the nation Karlee Wesney writes:karlee_wesney_1

Before finding EFA-X my mare had anxiety about being at a barrel race and really hesitated going through the gate. After having her on EFA-X for only two weeks she was focused and determined to go in the gate and make an awesome run. My horses are now not only feeling their best but looking it too!


Karlee Wesley


jennifer_mcfallJennifer McFall writes:

“We started using EFA-X on some of our performance horses a couple of months ago and saw a huge difference, especially in High Times. EFA-X was a crucial part of his nutritional plan leading up to and during his 4**** Rolex performance. His muscle tone improved significantly and so did his stamina. Not only did it improve his overall shape, it also aided in a quick recovery after his tough cross country exertion, and he felt happy and ready to work the following day for stadium. We would recommend this product to anyone looking to keep their performance horse in top shape at a price you can afford.



Nelson NelsonI am so impressed with your product! Hands down it was exactly what my horses needed to fulfill their job. I have noticed a huge difference and now it is a permanent supplement. My horses look great, and feel great… Do you make this product for people?


Leslie Nelson, Petaluma CA.



SandlerMy young event horse had lost condition from extensive travel and competition this summer and after only two weeks on the product I noticed significant improvement in her weight and overall condition.

Thank you for a great product!

Emily Sandler Burtness DVM



HerslowKimberly Herslow 10/21/2013
2013 United States Intermediaire I Champion.

EFA-X is a crucial part of the feeding program for Rosmarin and my other competition horses. Moving up in the dressage test levels means my horses need the increased strength and stamina.
EFA-X have made a significant difference in my horses and I will continue using this product as Rosmarin and I move up into the GP level.

Kimberly Herslow


WardLee McKeever, Manager Team Mclain Ward

Team Mclain runs a international top show jumping competition stable and our horses always need to be in the best shape while traveling to major competitions throughout the world.
EFA-X has made a noticeable difference in our horses.
Fast results, top performance and a winning pair is the key reason why we use EFA-X as a part of our feeding program, all horses on Team Mclain Ward are on

Mclain Ward


Nicole BellissimoPeggy Devons 11/29/2013
Manager at Far Niente (Bellissimo Stables) Florida.

I am manager at Bellissimo’s stable, and was introduced EFA-X because I had two horses that I had trouble with putting weight on. After about 4 weeks, they’ve put a significant amount of muscle tone and weight on, without getting to fresh.
One of the two is a difficult eater, so I was originally a little worried about giving him this feed concentrate, but after introducing it to him slowly, he took it in very easy!
I’m always very skeptical about new products, but I would recommend this to anybody who has a horse that needs some bodyweight!




Nicole Bellissimo


laddie“When my longtime partner Luciano stepped down from the grand prix arena to become a young rider horse we noticed a definite decrease in his musculature. After a short time on the EFA-X we were amazed at the changes we saw. Not only did his musculature improve, but his coat (which has always been brittle and thin) became stronger and shinier, and his stamina during workouts especially in warmer weather increased as well. We are very impressed with EFA-X and have started many of our clients horses on the product!”





Karen Ball


MarkellEarly on, high fat moderate carbohydrate diets were recognized for
improved stamina in the long distance athlete both human and equine.
More recently, with the concerns and new findings of metabolic
syndrome (especially prominent in warmbloods), we know a higher
fat/low carbohydrate diet is critical for their health management. Adding fat to equine diets has been a challenge. EFA-X offers an excellent solution. The horses that I care for have shown very positive results with EFA-X. They carry weight well, have improved hair coats and an improved athletic performance as reported by their riders.


Richard Markell, DVM



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