Cutix™ Natural Skin Defense System

cute skin care

Cutix™ is a new natural way to treat Pastern Dermatitis (scratches) and other dermatitis skin problems…

Scratches or pastern dermatitis and other skin infections, is a group of diseases on horses causing irritation and dermatitis in the lower limbs of horses.
Under normal circumstances the skin acts as a protective barrier, preventing microorganisms from entering the horse’s system and doing any damage. However, the continual exposure to moist, ammonia and other damaging compounds causes a breakdown of the skin, allowing microorganisms to enter and cause infection.

Cutix™ is designed to neutralize the damaging chemicals in the affected skin

Before and after 2 weeks

Before and after 2 weeks

environment, and thereby preventing the break down of skin. The natural skin defense system is maintained and strengthen preventing bacterial damage.
Cutix™ can be used to treat affected areas or preventative treatment.

Directions for use:
Shake container and apply to dry sponge.
Treat affected area with soaked sponge. Allow treated area to
dry, DO NOT wash treated area with soap or water. Treat affected area 1-2 times a day until affected area is healed.
For open sores longer treatment may be needed.

Preventive care:
Treat every 3-4 days on targeted area.

Cutix™ solution is stable for one year. Store out of direct sunlight. Sediments may form, but will not compromise Cutix™.


Cutix-Plus™ is a new natural way to treat Sweet Itch and Summer Sores…

cutix plusStops itching within hours of application. Cutix-Plus™ kills active larvae preventing further infection and inflammatory reaction. A protective seal is created promoting the healing process.